Annuli Viherjuuri makes mainly figurative oil paintings. Viherjuuri finds it necessary for her art to reflect craftmanship, beauty and content. Her main themes are peace and silence, also presence and purity. Her art has been considered to convey a sacral atmosphere.

In her last pieces of art Viherjuuri considers deep emotions of humanity with melancholic touch when fear of being hurt and disappointments of life put one to encounter one’s own smallness. However, with help of patience and silence the nest of comfort can calm one who is curled up in its shelter. Thoughtful pieces of art exhale quiet therapy.
- My working progress varies thematically. My art works are mainly made of one or more human figures surrounded by their own world. Although I like to make figures as pedantic as possible and I try to achieve classic beauty standard, a figure is meant to be just a dealer for emotional expression. Sensitivity is my way to see, feel and achieve through art something bigger than words.
Annuli Viherjuuri (b. 1984) has been involved in joint exhibitions in Finland abroad and has had solo exhibitions since 2006. She graduated as Bachelor of Fine Art from Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in 2008. Viherjuuri was The Young Artist of Summer 2010 at The Art Center Salmela. There are her art works in public collections for example in Oulu Museum of Art (OMA). She lives and works in Kokkola, Finland.

Curriculum Vitae

2004–2008    Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Business and Culture Kankaanpää

Other Education
2008             The Course of Portrait painting, Finnish Cultural Foundation
2003–2004   The College of Art, Portaanpää, Lapinlahti
2003             The Finnish Matriculation Examination, The High School of Vääksy

Solo Exhibitions
2019             Tankar, Kokkola
2018             Gallery 4-Kuus Studio, Helsinki
2018             Gallery 4-Kuus, Helsinki
2016             Museum of K. H. Renlund, Kokkola
2015             G12, Helsinki
2015             Gallery Artista, Kokkola
2015             Neliö-Gallery, Oulu
2012             G12, Kuopio
2011             Ars Wasa, Vaasa
2008             Gallery 4-Kuus, Helsinki
2006             Gallery 4-Kuus, Helsinki

Joint Exhibitions Abroad
2016             Premio Combat Prize final exhibition
                     Museo G. Fattori, Livorno, Italy
2014             The Illusion of Reality, Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy
2014             Marziart International Gallery, Hamburg Germany

Joint Exhibitions
2019             Ostrobothnian Artist's Union, Tupakkamakasiini, Pietarsaari,
2017             Konstrundan, open studios
2017             Gallery 4-Kuus, Helsinki
2014             Union of Finnish Art Associations 2014, Imatra
2014             Young Art, Vaasa
2014             Gallery Visu, Kokkola
2012             Gallery Angelo, Pori
2011             Via Arte, Viitasaari
2010             Kunsthalle, Vaasa
2010             The Art Center of Salmela, Mäntyharju
2009             The Art Center of Salmela, Mäntyharju
2008             Gallery 4-Kuus, Helsinki
2006             Union of Finnish Art Associations 06, Lahti
2006             The Art of Basware, Helsinki
2005             The Art of Analyste, Helsinki

Grants and Titles
2016             Honorable award, diploma of excellence, Art Addiction Biennal 3
2015             Finnish Cultural Foundation, Central Ostrobothnia Regional Fund
                     6 months work grant
2014             Finnish Cultural Foundation, Central Ostrobothnia Regional Fund
                     3 months work grant
2010             The Young Artist of Summer 2010 of The Art Center Salmela
2010             Veikkaus Oy, bonus
2009             The Artist of Osuuskauppa Suur-Savo
2008             The Scholar of The Art Center Salmela
2006             Grant Foundation of Opetusneuvos Hilja Vilkemaa
                     Project Grant

Oulu Museum of Art OMA
Veikkaus ry
Art Center Salmela

Finnish Painter's Union
Kuvasto (a copyright society for artists working in the field of visual arts)
Ostrobothnian Artist's Union

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